Vanderboren, its a name that inspires fear in the hearts of nearly every noble in the city. A powerful family who’s leader guided them in the wrong direction, and whose choices and actions would lead to his death. Now, virtually bankrupt and with no leader the Vanderboren line seems on the verge of ending once and for all.

House History

Once a powerful family that influenced market prices and dealt with a growing colonization process the Vanderborens have fallen on the worst of times. Charged with the task of securing several small “colony” settlements in the name of the Czar the Vanderborens reached out with every resource they had. They stood in a position of being one of the mightiest houses. But the former leader of the family, Micheal Vanderboren, made several tragic mistakes. One after another the family saw their colonies flutter, wither, then die. And each death injuried the family. Until Micheal chose to lead an expedition himself. In the end the expedition took his life, as well as that of his entire immediate family. Slaughtered on the sand of a beach by some unknown assailant.

House Personality

The remaining members of House Vanderboren are a paranoid and skittish lot. Many of them fear assassination and remain hidden in shadows. Others parade themselves around, trying to garner fame and fortune for their family in hopes of being named the new Head of House.

House Holdings

As a whole, all of House Vanderboren’s holdings and possessions have been split among its many potential heirs, debtors, and servants. Even if a new Head of House is named the chances of the house retaking what it once owned is slim.

House Position

A minor house, and perhaps the least of all the noble houses.

House Allies: None openly ally themselves with this trembling House.

House Enemies: None

Prominent Members

Laura Vanderboren, the youngest of Micheal’s children, is the last remaining member of his immediate family. But she has done nothing to claim her title, and many wait to see what this young woman will do.

Vin Vandhousen, a cousin of Laura’s, is the family member who seems most likely to claim the title as Head of House for the family if Laura does nothing. A charmer and a talented politician by all accounts.

House Religion

Perhaps the only advantage House Vanderboren has at the moment is that it seems nearly every Order is courting them, looking for an in that might allow one of the Orders to have a priest among the Noble families.

Watcher on the Wind: Watcher Ellaina sits with Laura, and advises her as best she can.

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