Few houses int he city hold the reputation that the Taskerhills do. Fortunately. Rich and powerful, the Taskerhills have come into their power by methods questionable to most the city. Willing to cut a deal and then enforce the contract in a manner best for them, this noble family enforces its will by spreading money out to those who would call on them. And who swear their loyalty.

House History

Only a few generations old, Taskerhill is a family that came into power during the shake up that created the guilds. Once a group of lumberjacks, they did their job and did it well. A proud group they lead the various group of workers during the uprising and when it was over were elevated to a noble house. Since then they have continued their methods of doing business, but their dealings seem more and more underhanded, but they have never been found to have broken then law. Many people question the wisdom of working with the Taskerhills, but their ability to make money can never be doubted.

House Personality

Arrogance and pride are the words that summon the personality of the average members of the Taskerhills. Lead by the tyranical Kalmadar Taskerhill, and his wife Sarah, this combination of traits is often rewarded as it is seen by the Lord and his wife that those who have brought themselves high from low are those most fit to rule, and that greed is never bad. Unless it hurts the family. Every Taskerhill is said to never bet against another member of the family.

House Holdings

As owners of the Thunder River lumber mill, the only mill in the city and the one of the largest ever built, House Taskerhill makes a great deal of money off this business, and in fact seem to have very limited interest outside this.

House Position

District representatives on the Noble Council, the Taskerhills are a family with power and prestige. While their holdings are limited in scope, they use it to successfully promote their cause.

House Allies: Carpenters Guild, Longshadow, Lightbringer

House Enemies: Stirling, Toregson, Knowlern

Prominent Members

Kalmadar Taskerhill is a tyrant of a man. Ruling his family with a harsh fist and steely cold eyes. He is an older gentleman who has seen fit to manipulate those around him for the good of his family, and the good of their business. He once might have been a powerful man physically but old age has sapped his body.

Sarah Taskerhill is a unique woman. If Kalmadar rules the family, Sarah rules him. A much younger woman, she is sharp witted and cunning like her husband. As vicious as a wounded wolf, and as beautiful as a swan she is seen more often then her husband, but in some ways is more feared.

House Religion

Coin-Priest Yohan of the Order of the Coin is the religious leader of the Taskerhills. Using their own rise to power through hard work and well spent coin as a sign of the will of the Lord of Order.

Watcher on the Wind: The Taskerhills currently are without a Watcher on the wind, and seem unlikely to take another after the execution of the previous Watcher.

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