Divine Tastes

One of the many shrines, and the main temple, to the god of Travel, Twixt, the shrine located in the Merchant’s District is by far the most popular, and the most difficult to get into. This shrine takes the form of a large, lavishly decorated restaurant and bar. Its never open until the middle of the night when most other restaurants, taverns, and inns in the city are closing. It caters almost exclusively to those people who work at these establishments, their friends, and others who spend their nights hard at work in the dark of night.

To those who work the industry, the prices here are reasonable and quite fair, while those who come by to visit the restaurant often find themselves three to four times the amount. And someone might ask, why do these people keep coming to the restaurant knowing they are being gouged? Because the food here is some of the finest, most sought after delicacies to come into the city.

Owned by a grey-haired, six foot four inch man, whose attitude has been called devilish, snarky, and at times vicious. He doesn’t do the cooking himself, but he hires the best of the best. He has contacts around the world that allows him to bring into the city food others can only dream of. He’s even rumored to have contacts within the lands of the Plague Queen.

Merchant’s District

Divine Tastes

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