Cold as the Depths

Saturday 3/9/13

After killing the two sniper goblins, the party hears noise coming from the west and decides to explore.

In the room to the west is a room full of kobold slaves, tied by lengths of rope to the walls near them. They are unhealthy and have defecated on themselves repeatedly. Just beyond them is a shaft, roughly hewn from the sewer floor head downwards. It looks like fairly hold construction. They tell the party they are,“Seeking the thing for the Mistress. Mistress is Priestess, dark elf. Say she is seeking her Mistress, servitor of her Goddess.”

The party releases the kobold’s, and one says “Your help.. thank you… i.. help you.. north there is cliff. No climb, stay away from top. Mother up there..”

The party decides to head north a short bit and then east, taking the kobolds advice. The sewer corridor opens into a room with a deep shit pool, the party is attacked by a shit demon. Ew…. It dives back into the shit pool after it takes quite a bit of damage, and disappears.

Grapes and Gareth Stonecleave remove the rubble to the north of the shit pool and find another sewer tunnel to follow.

At the end of the tunnel you reach a T intersection. From the eastern branch you can pick up the breeze which carries a fresh scent and cool, moist air which conflicts with the dank of the sewer system. It is almost inviting after the trek through the dark passages. But to the west you can see dim lighting and pick up the sounds of voices. One sounds old and tired, with a slight lilt to it which might be described as.. unstable. And a softer, feminine voice; one with a discernible sense of power and confidence to it, and obviously the voice of the person in charge.

In the room to the west the party sees the drow priestess from the goblin encounter a few days ago (explaining the goblin snipers) and the old man from the mayors house from the small town having an argument. They are looking to find a woman and her tomb, most likely the 9ft statue the party had already found. They also mention a shipment of “Liquid Agony” drugs headed to Landing, and another shipment coming from the Underdark in 3 days.



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