Cold as the Depths

Saturday 02/16/13

Creepy, bloody elf statue dead. The party loots the disgusting room full of remains.

The northern passage is blocked by an acidic-type gas, and the northwestern passage is blocked by the sorceress’ ice wall. With the healers being low on healing spells, the party decides to make their way out and replenish their spells and supplies. On the way out the party crosses paths with the “Mistress of Pain” statue again, but do not engage her in combat as the party is weakened.

The party leaves the sewers, gets clean and some sleep, and stock up for their return to the sewers.

When the party gets to the room where the three workers were, they notice two of the bodies are missing and the remaining body is covered in webbing. There are other signs that something small has been through this area.

In a room to the west the party is attacked from something in the darkness. They recognize the goblin sniper from the goblin tribe the party fought the previous few days ago. The party kills the goblin and is quickly attacked by another invisible sniper goblin. The party kills him too.



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