Cold as the Depths

Saturday 3/9/13

After killing the two sniper goblins, the party hears noise coming from the west and decides to explore.

In the room to the west is a room full of kobold slaves, tied by lengths of rope to the walls near them. They are unhealthy and have defecated on themselves repeatedly. Just beyond them is a shaft, roughly hewn from the sewer floor head downwards. It looks like fairly hold construction. They tell the party they are,“Seeking the thing for the Mistress. Mistress is Priestess, dark elf. Say she is seeking her Mistress, servitor of her Goddess.”

The party releases the kobold’s, and one says “Your help.. thank you… i.. help you.. north there is cliff. No climb, stay away from top. Mother up there..”

The party decides to head north a short bit and then east, taking the kobolds advice. The sewer corridor opens into a room with a deep shit pool, the party is attacked by a shit demon. Ew…. It dives back into the shit pool after it takes quite a bit of damage, and disappears.

Grapes and Gareth Stonecleave remove the rubble to the north of the shit pool and find another sewer tunnel to follow.

At the end of the tunnel you reach a T intersection. From the eastern branch you can pick up the breeze which carries a fresh scent and cool, moist air which conflicts with the dank of the sewer system. It is almost inviting after the trek through the dark passages. But to the west you can see dim lighting and pick up the sounds of voices. One sounds old and tired, with a slight lilt to it which might be described as.. unstable. And a softer, feminine voice; one with a discernible sense of power and confidence to it, and obviously the voice of the person in charge.

In the room to the west the party sees the drow priestess from the goblin encounter a few days ago (explaining the goblin snipers) and the old man from the mayors house from the small town having an argument. They are looking to find a woman and her tomb, most likely the 9ft statue the party had already found. They also mention a shipment of “Liquid Agony” drugs headed to Landing, and another shipment coming from the Underdark in 3 days.

Saturday 02/16/13

Creepy, bloody elf statue dead. The party loots the disgusting room full of remains.

The northern passage is blocked by an acidic-type gas, and the northwestern passage is blocked by the sorceress’ ice wall. With the healers being low on healing spells, the party decides to make their way out and replenish their spells and supplies. On the way out the party crosses paths with the “Mistress of Pain” statue again, but do not engage her in combat as the party is weakened.

The party leaves the sewers, gets clean and some sleep, and stock up for their return to the sewers.

When the party gets to the room where the three workers were, they notice two of the bodies are missing and the remaining body is covered in webbing. There are other signs that something small has been through this area.

In a room to the west the party is attacked from something in the darkness. They recognize the goblin sniper from the goblin tribe the party fought the previous few days ago. The party kills the goblin and is quickly attacked by another invisible sniper goblin. The party kills him too.

Saturday 02/09/13

After killing the creatures the konids planted in the three bodies, the party heads east as the west passage is blocked with ice from the sorceress’ spell. There is a broken section of wall that reveals a carving of horrific torture. The sorceress recognizes the depictions as having to do with various devils of the Nine Hells, and an old religious cult. There is a holy symbol cracked in half in the rubble; several party members recognize it as the Goddess known as Silence. There is a great deal of dried blood along the floor, coming out of the door the carving is on.

The party opens the door and finds a very thick, blood covered floor. There are piles of gore almost 10 feet high (intestines, bones, flesh, organs, etc). On top of the pile is a throne, and on the throne is a large statue, a 9 foot tall Amazonian Elf dressed in chains. There is a familiar sense, from the previous nightmare the various party members had. Fae and Grapes enter the room; as they enter the room they notice the statue has moved, its head has lifted up and is looking at the open doorway. The statue-type creature begins walking towards the door, and the party begins to attack it.

Crazy combat ensues. People almost die. Maptools hates us.

When the statue devil creature is almost defeated, the party can hear the Mistress of Pain laugh and the body melds into the floor.

Friday 02/01/13

The party brings the train back to the city and head to the Harbormaster. He gives the party the names of 3 ships that docked in the last 24 hours.

Party boards the deck of the Scarlet Wave ship to speak with the captain. The captain explains that most of his last crew was killed by dysentery, and their last passengers included a crazy old man who claimed to be a wizard and had a pet rat. The rat became stronger throughout the trip. The old wizard said he was going to go to Sparkling Pony Inn, but the Inn has been gone for over 2 years.

The party heads to Kerrigan’s Last Hope but are blocked by many guards around the ship. Being unable to speak with this captain they head to the Flight of the Unicorn. Nothing useful is found their either, so the party decides to head towards the old burned down Sparkling Pony inn.

In the back, behind the bar, the party finds a slightly propped open trap door. Judging by the smell, it heads to the sewers. After traveling through the sewers a short time, the party kills a rat swarm.

Shortly afterwards the party finds 3 sewer workers laying on the ground. They were attacked by a giant spider. One of them points the party to the west passageway when they ask about a crazy man and centaur spider-kobold like creatures. They also mention the a drow woman was following him and took the east passage. While inspecting the men, the party finds bulges on their abdomens; they quickly rupture on the two most injured men releasing spider-kobold mixes. The sorceress quickly drops a large frost spell over the kobold spider creatures while they attack the third sewer worker, wiping them all out.

Saturday 1/26/13 FB in-game event

+200 XP for this event / +2117 XP for the goblin encounter.
Characters should be at 23,329 XP

Facebook in-game event
At first there is only darkness.. then there is a noise, an echo in the distance. It is the sound of metal clinking against metal. Then there comes the stomach turning sound of flesh being ripped, torn, bring ground like meat. A splash on the ground and the scent of feces and piss on the air. Then more sounds of suffering, as muffled voices,cry out in the agony of prolonged, exquisite, torture. Finally a cry breaks free of the near silence. A scream, a begging shout for the release of death.

It is answered by the voice of a woman. Her tone that of one basking in pleasure equal to the pain inflicted on which ever poor soul who cried out. “There is never death, so long as there is pain..”

Then the darkness is broken by two yellow eyes. The eyes are those of a woman, and they are filled with dark, untold promises. And you cannot help but feel as if she is judging you, waiting for you.

“And so long as I exist, death can forever be denied and pain prolonged..”

For you see, I am Pain."

You awaken from this nightmarish scene, this vision of torture, by a flash of pain so great it leaves you nauseous and your flesh coated in a fine film of sweat and with the sound of metal clinking on metal echoing in your mind.

Faeliel Knowledge Planes check

Success on a K:The Planes check. You examine the dream in your head, getting a feel for the over whelming sense of evil, and the sounds of chains. And a single word fills your mind. “Kytons”… the name of the chain devils.. the Torturers of Hell.

Saturday 01/05/13

After fighting the goblins, the party returns to Wayside (Waypoint?). Outside the town the party runs into a cleric halfling named Alimorel Sandtracker. “You look trustworthy! Will you join us?”

The party stops by the Inn to grab another bottle of whiskey before seeing Jebediah again. He plays his banjo, they drink whiskey, and the halfling dances for them. As Jebediah gets drunker he becomes less light hearted.

Soon the party sees Jebediah noticing a strange bird (long time party members recognize the Whipowill bird from the small town where they entered the mayor’s house) sitting on a nearby tree. Jeb tells the party that the birds will not take a soul alone, but will wait for a flock of them, and they always come with the Rat-thing (he who is the master and the servant). He says they are a “conduit” of sorts between worlds. He also tells them that the rat once offered him power when he was still young and he accepted the deal, and that is why he knows they will come for him.

The party takes the train back to Ilyssa’s Landing, at the Darkcity station. It is late when the party arrives, and they head to the Blacksmith’s home. They return the father’s family heirloom sword, his daughter, the legendary hammer, and the daughter’s hopeful fiance. He offers the party either gold, or enchanting their weapons and armor.

They head to the Inn the Yokonai family recommended in The Blade District to sleep. They plan to go to the Harbormaster in the morning.

Saturday 12/29/12

Awaken the next morning in the Yokonai manor, and set out to the blacksmith who had asked for assistance from the Yokonai family. The blacksmith’s name is Fandril, and the party is introduced to his daughter who has a peacock tattoo inside her right wrist. Her fiancee went off to find an ancient blacksmith hammer to earn Fandril’s favor and also took the family greatsword; the hammer was last known to be in the possession of a goblin tribe. He would like the party to try to find the boy and the family sword, and bring the boy back if he is still alive (and of course most grateful if the party can get the hammer too). Fandril recommends the party head to a small village outside the town to get an idea of where the boy went.

The party decides to head to the Sagemaster also known as The Seeking Sage (located in the Hearthstone district) for more information. He says the Goblin tribe is known as the Crowhunters, though they are actually miners, and have been known to be generally peaceful. He suspects they are small tribe and living in a small abandoned dwarven fort, built directly into the cliff base of a wall. The Sage does not know the location of the fort, but recommends going to the community of Waypoint (get on the train and take it to the first stop) for more information.

The party arrives by train at Waypoint, which is about 4 buildings and the train station. Party heads to the inn, which is full with about 15 people or so. At the Inn, the party spots Fandril’s daughter at the bar (she had boarded the train unnoticed). The party talks her into returning to the train instead of helping them, with the threat of half-goblin babies.

The barmaid at the Inn says a man who matches the boyfriend’s description was in the Inn the day before. She recommends seeing Old Man Jebediah for the location of the goblins. He gives the party some information, and they take the trail he suggests towards the goblin camp/fort.

The party gets to the fort and convinces a goblin to get the chief and champion. The convince the chief for a one on one duel between the champion and the party’s half giant. The party moves to the open area south of the fort, many goblins come out to watch, including a tall female Drow elf scantily clothed. The goblin champion turns out to be a large ogre.

The half-giant begins to lose and the party convinces the chieftain to allow both sides to throw in extra fighters. The party quickly decimates half the goblins present and the ogre champion. The chieftain ends the fight and gives the party the two humans, the blacksmith’s hammer, and his gold.

The drow priest, Isalindria, tells the party she was entertained and impressed, and gives the party a “token of her esteem”, a small opal. If we do not sell it, we can throw it on the ground and when it breaks she will come to the party.

The party boards the train with the humans back to Ilyssa’s Landing.

Saturday 12/15/12

The party returns Grimes Harrington to his family. Lady Harrington promises to punish him, but do refuses to honor Grimes promise of 30,000 gold. Instead, the party is given 1000 gold and given the promise of future work.

The party then returns the ingot to the Yokonai family. Tanaka Yokonai thanks the party, and retrieves the ingot from them with strange air elemental tattoos. The party asks for friendship in exchange for the ingot, Tanaka heartily agrees. The party is invited to warm baths and a lavish dinner.

The party is given a bag including 300gp and a variety of jewels as thanks. He agrees to assist the party in getting a good deal some rooms in a friend’s inn. He provides the party with more information about the political situation of the city. He explains “The Entity” kept some of the chaos in order, but has not been heard from.

Three quest chains:

  • the Green Globe which is linked to some cult or another in the city who are guilty of trafficing in demons
  • The Rat-thing and the three diaries dealing with the Dirge
  • the blacksmith.
Level 7

id the math for the xp from the last session. The party was at 15212. Well The level 12 character Jessie took on in single combat rewarded 14,400 xp, the various minions wielded up 1200 xp, and 3600xp. (4 level 4 thugs and 4 level 1 brutes). This came to a total of 19,200xp, divided by 4 (average party size) or 4800xp per person. I award 500xp per player per session for roleplay. That equals an additional 1000xp, or a grand total of 5800xp per person. 5800+15212=21,012. You need 21,000 to hit level 7.

Saturday 12/1/12

It is the 4th day of your journey after defeating the dragon at the Dragon Rocks. As the sun rises you see that you’re traveling westward along the northern shore of the Dragon’s Maw headed towards the massive mountain range which marks the western most boarder of the bay. The jungle along the shore is plush and teaming with life of all shapes and sizes. You see flocks of birds, from simple toucans to peacocks. Large reptiles such as alligators catch your eye as well. In the distance you hear the deep resonating roar of something very large. But perhaps the most curious sight is that of a group of some 20 waist-high humanoids with dark black skin wearing strange tribal garb and wielding weapons and tools of stone and bone. But even stranger is that they are hauling a 50 foot long Megaladon up onto the shore, and even as they fade into the distance you see them beginning to butcher it. The goblin pilot shudders as he tells you they are called NumNums… a vicious race of cannibalistic halfling savages.

As the day goes by the great stone wall known as the Dragon’s Fangs, the mountain range which protects and houses the city of Ilyssa’s Landing, grows ever larger in the distance. By the middle of the afternoon you can see pillars of smoke rising from the city, and make out the plateau which is the upper level of the city. Strange things circle the city in the air, at first appearing as large birds, but as you get closer you realize their flight is unnatural in its manner, seeming to heavy for their flight and some of them even seem to suddenly drop out of the sky for a short time before resuming their flight. As the ship rounds the alcove to the city’s bay you see it.. the majestic white walls and domed roofs of the largest buildings of Landing. The flat roofs of smaller buildings and the sight of their great fleet moving in and out of the docks. Massive warehouses creating a wall along the docks, but even if them in place you can make out the majestic city, and as the sun dips and the temperature drops from its scorching height, the city becomes alive.

One of the flying things approaches closers and the captain tells everyone to make space on the deck. As it nears, the party can tell it is a steam-powered helicopter being driven by a human. As it gets closer, Grimes Harrington gets more cautious and slips below deck. The captain of the Sea Dweller bribes the helicopter guard to say his inspection of the ship was good, without actually inspecting the ship.

After the helicopter guard leaves the captain explains that in the last few months the city has become more corrupt; he further explains it is easier to bribe the guards, instead of having them investigate his ship and supposedly find something wrong or illegal.

Grimes Harrington admits to having convinced a younger, unattractive Yokonai daughter to reveal family secrets and ran for it when the family discovered the couple, leaving the disgraced daughter alone with her angry family. The party decides to let Grimes return to his family, but the party will return the ingot back to the Yokonai’s.

The party escorts Grimes back to his family home; they decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Almost to the top, Grimes has a heart attack. Some guards come to help and make various comments about how Grimes is a waste of a healing spell or potion. The party convinces Gareth Stonecleave to heal him; but are unable to get much info out of the guards regarding Grimes Harrington.

The party makes their way up the mountain to the noble district. While walking through the streets they are jumped by four thugs who want Harrington; he owes a 50,000gp debt for underage whores. The thugs mention a very young Drow girl who still has many scars and the inability to speak correctly because of what Grimes did to her. Grimes offers the party 10,000, then 20,000, and then 30,000 gold pieces to get him home alive. When the party asks if a young Yokonai girl has been injured in the past few months, the thugs mention a young girl and Grimes attempts to make a run for it.

He is successfully stopped, and a strange woman joins the scene. Grimes sees her and begins groveling and sobbing at her feet, calls her Malice and begs her not to kill him. The party argues with her and will not let her take him. She challenges the monk Connell to a duel. He stuns her several times, she misses several times, but finally hits Connell with her kukri’s. The first one shatters upon impacting Connell, who threatens to break her second kukri and then her. She steps back from the fighting, stating it will be interesting to kill the party, and leaves… her thugs run away as well.


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