Port of Call: The Cold Depths of The Sea

Welcome to the Wiki page for Richard’s, Dungeons and Dragon’s campaign.

This wiki covers the world of Helosia, a once prosperous world were great island kingdoms, feudal lords, and powerful churches sought power and control. Trade and diplomacy revolved around the largest island and the only true continent, Helosia Prime. But now, centuries later that time of peace is long forgotten, and nightmares and shadows now rule thanks to the Dirge.

Cold Depths is a Moderate-Fantasy setting. Most of the humanoid races such as elves, dwarfs, and orcs exist and are fairly common. But a great many monsters once rare and nearly never seen have retaken vast stretches of wilderness. The primary setting, Ilyssa’s Landing is one that is design in mind for running politically and story driven campaigns, while many of the locations beyond the city walls are greatly influenced towards a horror genre.

Technology is something else which varies within the campaign world. The common man finds himself using tools and living a lifestyle similar to that of medieval peasants, while others are exposed to the wonders of black powder and the power of steam powered engines.

This is not just a wiki for a single campaign though. I have put into the city Ilyssa’s Landing some of the most detailed worked I have ever put into a campaign. From clothing styles and food choices to the world setting itself. It is a work in progress and I am regularly updating and improving the city. The setting was once called Freeport, and some pieces of that setting still remain that have not been updated or replaced yet, but for the most part the campaign is now that of Helosia.

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