The New Gods

The All Mother

Goddess of the Earth, Mother of All Things, The Unspeaking One
Formally the goddess Chauntea, she was one of the few gods to survive the Plague that killed so many people and divine beings in the Realms. She would give birth to the new gods, who were immune to the plague shortly before stepping out the the realms. While she herself is never heard from, her influence can be felt and her clerics still receive their spells.
Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Family, Plant, Renewal


Goddess of Knowledge; Keeper of Lore; Eldest of the Gods
The eldest of the children of Chauntea, she is also the smartest of them. Holding herself above the petty grudges and rivalries of her younger siblings while trying to seek the answers to the many questions left behind by the death of so many gods so quickly.
Domains: Balance, Knowledge, Law, Mentalism,


God of the Golden Light, Lord of the Sun, Master of the Ways
Second only to Kimber, Suncerion is the newest god of the sun, representing the perfection of the body and mind that many strive to perceive. Holding himself up as the iconic image of divine spark he represents the ways of the warrior.
Domains: Protection, Strength, Sun, War


Lord of Chaos, He Who Is Legion, Voice In The Darkness, The End of Things
Bryan represents the dark side of life, that which is chaos and entropy. While he is not evil, he marks the inevitable end of all things. As well as the tendency of things to go differently then planed. He is also known for his skills of trickery and lack of faith in the people of the realms, except those who worship him.
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Luck, Tickery

The Forgotten God

He Who Left, The Departed, The Fool
During the days of the Plague The Forgotten God created an item that would end the plague and save the lives of thousands. He had great faith in those who were members of his church. So, when the Lord of Chaos, Bryan, approached him and offered him a bet that even the members of The Departed One’s church couldn’t resist the temptation to use the Device for personal gain, the bet was accepted. And then the Forgotten God lost. Now his name and the exact nature of his dogma are lost. But as the Lord of Chaos had a hand in the removal of this god, just enough evidence was left behind to prove what The Fool had attempted, and that he was a god of order and law.
Domains: Law, Nobility, Retribution, Trade


God of Travel; Pathfinder, Horse Lord and Flight Giver
Of all the god, Twixt is one of the most unusual. As he is silent, but constantly moving. He seems to have a goal he’s headed towards but no one seems to understand it, or be able to determine what it is. As such many of his followers tend to travel as much as he does, or take on roles of map makers and sages so other can learn how to travel from them. Another quirk is that Twixt often stops to eat, cooking meals of local ingredients and almost never the same dish more then once in a decade. As such many of his followers are chefs as well.
Domains: Animal, Moon, Portal, Travel


God of Art, Crafts, and creativity.
Domains: Craft, Illusion, Metal,


Drinking, Revelry, and Farming; Feat Giver; Taster of Life


Goddess of Healing and Animals; Life Giver; The Gentler


Goddess of Humanity and Vice


God of Dreams and Planar Travel, Keeper of the Gates, Lord of NIghtmares

The World

The New Gods

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