The Districts

Illyssa’s Landing, once a small port community, has grown to become something far greater then it once was. There are four large geographical features that have influenced the culture of the people, as well as the physical development of its districts. Originally built at the base of a large cliff, the bay expanded into a large cavern which once housed dozens of small fishing craft. Since then the city has expanded up the face of the cliff and into the earth and stone of the mountains themselves. Finally a plateau half way up the cliff was used to house part of the city.

At the foot of the cliff, known as The Foundation, there can be found several of the largest and most diverse districts. With the most contact with outsiders and other cultures, these core districts are the life blood of the city. The most important is probably The Cave, which is where the port can be found, and houses a good number of taverns, inns, and stores that cater to the fleets that visit the city. To the west of the Cave rests The Bizarre is where many merchants and tradesmen set their shops. Most of the businesses in the city that deal with traders, visitors, and even the common folk of the city can be found. It is also home to most the city’s brothels and the center is dominated by a large open air market the district takes it name from. North of the Bizarre and circling to form the western edge of the Foundation is the Blade. A large district dedicated to many of the martial aspects of the city; blacksmiths, mercenary companies, and the famed Arena of the Sun formulate the center of this district, as well as housing most of the standing military forces of the city.

Heading up the cliff face from either of the two large elevators or along the series of ramps, brings a visitor to the outer face of what is known as Dark City. Within the stones of the mountain the city’s dwarf, kobold, goblinoids, and other races which are more at home underground make their living. Smallest of the districts initially, the carved stone halls connect with a series of catacombs beneath the city that have never been fully explored and have a dire reputation.

Sitting at the top of the cliff, the plateau where the rest of the city sits is known as God’s Sight, for it is said that from the highest peak you can see as far as a god, but is usually known only as the Sight. Three districts are found up along the tip section of the city. At the top of the cliff is the The Heart, home to the city’s largest churches as well as many embassy’s from other kingdoms and empires. Along the western edge of the plateau is the largest district; known as the Hearthstone it is the most populated section of the city. The most subdued of the local districts it’s the only one that plays home to permanent residents of the city only. Walled off and secluded from the rest of the city, only those who can prove they live in the city are usually allowed beyond the gates. The highest point of the Sight is the Golden Throne. It is politically the most important section of the city. While many of the businesses of the Bizarre deal with daily life of the city, it is in the Throne that long term goals are set, it is where Parliament meets and some of the city’s most powerful families, schools, and guilds can be found.

The Foundation

The Cove

The city’s harbor, the Cove consists of two parts. The largest section consisting of the harbor proper and the area around it. But at the far end of the harbor, the docks disappear into a massive cavern known simply as the Cave.

The Blade

Situated to make the western edges of the city along the Foundation, the Guardian district is the industrial district of the city. It is here that smiths, leather workers, and more tender to their wares, and the illusive Spark Weavers can be found. But the district derives it’s name from housing the city Guard’s largest commands, and it’s training grounds. It is also home to the many of the mercenary guilds which are based out of Landing.

Merchant’s District

The center of the city, the place where the blood of the city, gold and trade, can be found. If it can be bought, then the Merchant’s district is the place to find it.

h3. God’s Sight


Most of the residents of the city live in the Cudgel district, it is also home to possibly the most dedicated and loyal members of the City Watch.

Noble District

The richest and most politically powerful district in the city, the Noble district houses most of the royals of the city, as well as the the highest end product for trade.

The Heart

The city’s second largest residential area, and home to some of its largest churches, the Sunrise district is home to the middle class, and those well-to-do who are not quite rich enough to be Nobles.


The poorest district in the city, it is a industrial district where the city’s ship builders live and the whole district is one over sized slum.

Ilyssa’s Landing

The Districts

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