Social Status

Ilyssa’s Landing is a city many see as being on the verge of chaos, with its single law. But that single law is what has provided what order the city has. As many traditions have arisen to form a foundation on which people can determine which practices are good for business, and which are not.

One of the most important of these traditions is that of social status. From the common people to the family of the Czar, everyone has their station. Unlike some cities or kingdoms where a person is born into their station and can never rise above it, Ilyssa’s Landing values anyone who can prove themselves. A common child of a whore can rise up to become a great merchant, and even marry into a major Household. But by the same token, a member of a major house who proves them self to be a fool then they loose status.

Rank Description
-1 Those people at this rank are the outcasts of society. They are the exiles and known criminals who haven’t been removed from the city. This is also the rank of slaves and indentured servants. Often daily life is a trial, and sometimes finding food is difficult.
0 The average citizen of the city could be considered to hold this rank. It is the station of those who are apprentices to various trades, novice guild members as well as mercenaries and the sailors of the many vessels of the fleet.
1 With training comes acceptance. With skill comes appreciation. Any guild member who has managed to obtain the rank of journeyman or any servant of the Noble Houses holds this rank. Merchants who have started to make a name for themselves, or provides an unusual service are also found here. This is also the rank of the City Watch, and those who have taken their Clerical vows
2 Members of guilds who have proven themselves worthy of the title of Master hold this rank in society, alongside with the lowest rank of nobility, the Knight. Landed Knights are mercenaries or warriors who have taken vows of loyalty to the Czar and given titles in honor of their service to the city. Any merchant who has proven to be successful within their market, but hasn’t really spread out also hold this rank. Commanders in the City Watch may reach this rank if they are not connected to a noble house. Priests of the various Orders hold this rank.
3 Members of the minor noble houses hold this rank and are considered by some to be the least of the true nobility of the city. Merchants who have reached out from a core business and have proven influence and skill in numerious fields are also held in this high reguard. The High Priest or Priestess of the religious Orders and Churches in the city can reach this rank to, and are held in equal seating with Guild Masters.
4 This rank is the highest social rank reachable by any commoner. It is held for the members of the greater noble houses, the Priest or Priestess in service of the Czar, and the Royal Guard. Very few people come in place above them. They tend to wield the greatest power over the city, and are a force to be appreciated.
5 Members of the Royal Family hold this place. The children and spouse of the Czar hold this poistion, but also so do those members of the family who are held in close confidence of the Czar. Many a distant cousin has tried to hold power claiming a relationship with the Czar, only to be rebuked and in the end to fall from grace.
6 The Czar. Only the Lord of the City holds this social rank. None are above him or her, and they command all others as is proper of their rank and position.

The city has a special view of adventurers. An adventurer who leaves the city, returns with a great deal of treasure and spends it does garner some respect. But they shall never rise high if they do not offer some service to the city as a whole. Adventurers can make a great deal of gold in their travels, but if injured or if they simply grow to old to continue then they become a drain on the city.

Any adventurer, no matter what level they reach, who doesn’t add some permanent fixture or service to the city can never rise above Social Status 1. But an adventurer who makes a name for themselves helping the city, or opening a business can rise as if they were a merchant, or even a guild member, with the most valuable heros possibly even marrying into the noble houses.

Social Status also effects Influence points, and starting wealth for a character. But these bonuses come at a cost of an increase to Estimated Character Level, or ECL. Representing the inherited increase in power that a high social status represents.

Rank Influence Bonus Starting Gold Bonus ECL Adjustment
-1 No Influence No starting gold +0
0 0 Influence Normal starting gold +0
1 +5 Influence Points +500g starting gold +0
2 +10 Influence Points +1000g starting gold +1
3 +15 Influence Points +2000g starting gold +2
4 +20 Influence Points +4000g starting gold +3
5 +25 Influence Points +8000g starting gold +4
6 +30 Influence points +16000g starting gold +5

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Social Status

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