Religion in Landing

From the beginning of time to the present Helosia has had a mixed relationship with the Divine. From moments of benevolence, caring for the ills of the world, to times of near sadistic joy in tormenting those beneath them; the divine who look down on Helosia have filled many roles in their days. Some hold themselves up as icons of goodness and right, while other embody the very darkness feared by mortal hearts. Yet even those gods who spoke of vile things and taught dogma that was condemned by all sane people, there still stood those who worshiped such dark beings.

Among the gods there are a few specific moments that stand out most. One is the mystery of the Forgotten God. A deity who was discovered among the ruins of a small church on a previously undiscovered island. At first thought to be a dead god, one whose followers had all died off, magical detection spells in his former church detected his presence. And he answered prayers for spells like any god. Soon his worship spread as groups and organizations declared they knew what Order this god served, yet never has the god himself answered directly.

Also there is the God H’yjion. A god who seems to desire only chaos in the world, to see anarchy and disorder fostered among the mortals of the world. An ancient diety who is often blamed for the ills of the world. Worship of him is seldom admitted, but his cults seem to be taking root everywhere.

The coming of the Dirge caused a schism between mortals and the divine. For the gods, even the goddess of healing, Kitanua, seem unable to help, and the Cabal of Kitanua who sought to defeat the diseased was the last hope of hundreds of thousands. But when the alter was stained, and Morana was sacrificed to create a supposed cure something else horrible happened. The unleashed darkness of the Dirge, still tainted by H’yjion’s influence, corrupted Kitanua. The once beautiful goddess of healing and life was warped and twisted into a terrible thing. Retaining the powers of a goddess, she became a thing of undeath, diseases, and where once she used her knowledge of herbs and reagents to heal she now poisons.

But while religion as a whole is an accepted and expected part of the daily lives of the people of Ilyssa’s Landing, the most important churches are the Cults of Order. Five distinctive and separate organizations all claiming to represent the God of Order, to be His voice in the world and to have recaptured his teachings. The Order of the Coin, representing a mercantile sense of order, where the coin makes right. The Order of the Blood for whom heritage and ancestry is the most important factors of one’s place in things. Order of the Blade, who teaches that mastery over the sword and flesh are equal in concerns. The rival to the Order of the Blade being that of the Order of the Hatchet who speak of might and strength making right, and that the mind will obviously follow where the body leads. And finally, the Order of the Crone, an organization that concentrates on a position of servitude and wisdom, seeking to guide others who will lead rather then assuming the mantel themselves.

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Religion in Landing

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