Orders of the Forgotten God

From the powerful nobles and guild masters, to the lowest commoner and servants one thing is constant. The people who make their home in the city of Ilyssa’s Landing are a faithful, religious people. It is the hands of the gods they say that shaped the world after the plague, who willed it so that Ilyssa’s Landing would go from a tiny little fishing village to the powerful trade capital that it is.

“Don’t be bad for business.”

It is the law that rules the city, which gives it its strange order. An order which is directed and guided by the Orders of the Forgotten God. Cults which have arisen in a city to proclaim that it is chosen by the Unknown Lord, and that His, or in one case Her, will is what is responsibly for the city.
Each Order claims to know the correct doctrine of the Forgotten God, and that they have the right answers. And many districts of the city find themselves the seat of power for these rival churches. Churches which are regularly sparing with each other for influence over the city and its people.

Order of the Coin

High Priest: Teagan Black
Primary District: Merchant’s
Symbol: A gold coin on a black background
Dogma: Obviously the Lord of Order has meant for those of the greatest mercantile skill to rule and lead the way. Ilyssa’s Landing would be nothing if not for the wisdom of her merchants and others who have proven their worth in matters of trade and commerce. The Lord of the Coin is a god of wealth and prosperity.
Domains: Charm, Trade, Travel, Wealth

Order of the Blood

High Priest: Lady Sarah Taskerhill
Primary District Noble
Symbol: A single crimson droplet of blood on a white background
Dogma: The city of Ilyssa’s Landing has survived the many trials of its history because it has kept the blood strong. Many of the nobles of the city can trace their lineage directly back to the first tribes that made up the people of Landing. It is this strong series of blood ties, and the wisdom of those who rule by right of this linage that has allowed Ilyssa’s Landing to prosper.
Domains: Family, Nobility, Protection, Tyranny

Order of the Blade

High Priest: Dmitriy Shadow-Blade
Primary District: Champions; Blade Hall
Symbol: Two longswords crossed over the silhouette of a human head
Dogma: There are two ways to loose a battle, a war, or a city. To act without thinking, or to think without acting. The students of the Order of the Blade seek to find a balance of mental and physical talents and gain mastery over themselves so that they can then master the environment around them. Ilyssa’s Landing stands as a tribute to those who have acted when needed, and stopped to think as needed as well.
Domains: Knowledge, Glory, Strength, War (Favored Weapon: Bastard sword)

Order of the Hatchet

High Priest: Mykolas Noth
Primary District: Rahad
Symbol: A black silhouette of a single bladed hatchet over a red skull
Dogma: Strength is power. Weakness is a sin before the eyes of the Lord of Order. Personal strength and skill with arms is the most valuable form of strength, but skill with money, or the ability of a weaker being to surround himself with strong protectors can be accepted. But it is not respected.
Domains: Courage, Retribution, Strength, War (Favored Weapon: Battleaxe)

Order of the Crone

High Priest: Holy Mother Piroska
Primary District: Sunrise
Symbol: A feminine eye over the moon
Dogma: True order comes from the understanding of the people of the world; seeing their motivations. A real servant of Order doesn’t seek to rule, but to advise those who do. A lord must rule, it is the role of his Watcher on the Wind to provide him with the knowledge to do so. But a good Watcher knows which truths are knowledge, and which will only cloud the ruler’s eye.
Domains: Knowledge, Illusion, Mentalism, Oracle

Religion in Landing

Orders of the Forgotten God

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