Noble Council

Parliament, or the Noble Council, is that body of governing noble houses which are responsible for running and overseeing the daily necessities of their districts. They are the advisers and councilors to the Czar, assisting him in making those decisions that effect the city as a whole.

Within their districts the High Nobles, or those houses with sitting members of parliament, have near total rule over how The Law is interpreted and upheld. Except for those moments where the Czar’s attention has been drawn to a situation and he has overruled a House. This has lead to an interesting situation in the city; as each High Noble House attempts to maintain a delicate balance of profit or beneficial gain without drawing the attention of the Czar.

Some of the Houses see themselves as leaders among men, while others are selfish and oppressive of their people. But always over their heads do they feel the pressure of the Czar, and fear the reprisal of his wrath.

Many of the houses have strong ties to other organizations within the city. From Guilds to Orders and Churches, but also each house has a Watcher on the Wind, often taken from the Order of the Crone. The Watcher on the Wind acts like an adviser, and lore keeper for a house.

The Cove

Ridgecrest District Representative of The Cove District. The head of the family also holds the post of Harbormaster.
Quention A minor noble of the Azure District, known for owning stock in many of the whaling companies of Ilyssa’s Landing.
Fairbanks An old noble house which was thought to have been driven out of the city over fifty years ago, a granddaughter of the old family has returned to reclaim her noble heritage.

The Blade

Dirishna District Representative of the Blade. A house known for the strength of its warriors and a tradition of serving in the military.
Yokonai The Grand Master of the smith guild belongs to House Yokonai, as well as the House is the sole source of the metal known as Black Steel.
Brushknells Not really a noble house, the Brushkneels still yield considerable political influence due to their control over the Arena in the Blade District.


Young As owners of the Thunder River lumber-mill, the Young might just be the single richest House in the city, a distinct advantage in the political warfare of Parliament, where Young sits as the representative of the Hearthstone district.
Lightbringer The newest, smallest, noble house in the city; Lightbringer has already made enemies with House Stirling of the Merchant District.

Merchant’s District

Stirling One of the most politically influential Nobles in the city, the representatives of the Merchant’s District and on excellent terms with nearly every trader, merchant, and ambassador who comes into the city.
Vanderboren A Noble House with no leader, the Vanderboren House is in severe danger of ending its time as a noble house and falling into ruin. Opening the way for a new house to rise.

Noble District

Harrington A House with ties leading back to the earliest days of Ilyssa’s Landing, when it was just a small village, but now is slowly deteriorating, despite being the Noble District’s representative.
ArmitageOf all the houses in Landing, the Armitage are currently held in the lowest regard, thanks to the distasteful actions of its Lord.


Drakestone Neither of the two Houses of the Darkcity are well accepted, but the current representative is looked on with a wary eye, as the Master of the House is seen as potentially criminal in his actions.
Heritage Not yet a noble house, Heritage is actually run by Vico Bevenin, but is influential enough and rich enough that if Drakestone was removed, Heritage could be recognized as a full house.

The Heart

Solanaris The House of the Elves as its sometimes called, the representatives of the Heart district are the only elven Nobles of Ilyssa’s Landing.
Longshadow The House of Longshadow is a secretive noble family, with little known about them except of their predilection towards late night activities.


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Noble Council

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