Natives of Landing

Name Source Level Adjustment Racial HD ECL
Human PHB 0 0 0
Neanderthal Frost p37 0 0 0
Sea Kin RoD p 100 0 0 0

Humanity is by far the majority of inhabitants in Landing. The controlling force behind the city and it’s way of life. Their cousins the neanderthal can be discovered in the most secluded sections of the wilds, and are considered a strange sight within civilization. While Sea-Kin are usually found only along secluded coast lines usually, for this is where romances that lead to Sea-Kin tend to happen most.

Dwarf Races
Dwarf, Hill PHB p14 0 0 0
Dwarf, Mountain MM p91 0 0 0

Dwarfs are another powerful force in Landing, and in the world as a whole. For the great clans survived the Dirge in greater numbers by sealing themselves away within their halls. Their strength in arms and their skills as workmen has made them rich and important to the survival of the planet. If not for sheer numbers of humans, dwarfs would probably be the most powerful race on Helios.

A great mountain range encircles the swamps around Ilyssa’s Landing, and it is in this range that two dwarf kingdoms can be found. Clan Mjora-dai of the deep dwelling mountain dwarfs, and Clan Crushstone of the hill dwarfs.

Elf Races
Elf, High PHB p15 0 0 0
Elf, Aquatic Storm p39 0 0 0
Elf, Drow MM1 p103 +2 0 +2

Few of the great races suffered as the Dirge as the Elves did. For in their tree homes, secluded from most of humanity as they once where, the Elven nations suffered alone. With their rate of childbirth so low, and their numbers devastated by the Dirge, this once might race has been turned into a minority. Yet their kin, the aquatic elves, have flourished in the depths of the oceans. Great cities have been crafted from coral reefs measured in miles, these elves have become masters of the waves.

Far to the north, beyond the swamps and mountains, on the other side of the desolate wastes of Reslium, lies the largest forest off of Helios Prime. It is the forest of Khadatha, and it is home to the elf kingdom of Ne’wind. Ne’wind is the last elven empire, and it is known for the desire of it’s people to once more be great.

In the depths of the earth lies a great waste of catacombs and massive cavern cities were the Drow rest. Worshipers of chaos, these elves have proven more than once to be the foe of anything good or ordered. Often hated on sight, they are persecuted when discovered.

Gnome, Rock PHB p16 0 0 0
Gnome, Forest MM p132 0 0 0

Gnomes managed once to live secluded lives, away from the great races. But the Dirge forced them out of their rocky homes, their tree-root domiciles, and to seek help among humans and dwarfs. It was a choice which saved them, for many gnomish communities would eventually be discovered void of all life.

Gnomes are now found living among dwarfs and humans as brothers and sisters. The lands they once called their own lie in ruins on Helios Prime. Most commonly they can be found in secluded corners developing alternatives to what they call The Fallacy. The dependence on magic their race once had, and what they see as a crux to other races.

Half-Elf PHB 0 0 0
Half-Elf, Aquatic Storm p45 0 0 0
Half-Elf, Human DMG p171 0 0 0
Half-Orc PHB p18 0 0 0
Half-Ogre RoD p97 +2 0 +2
Half-Giants EPH p12 +1 0 +1

During the time of the Dirge, many strange things happened. Among them was an explosion among the half-breeds as they are impolitely known. Humans and elves fled to each other during those dark years, and the intermingling caused two distinct cultures among half-elves. Those raised among elves (PHB) and those raised among humans (DMG). A cultural divide which has led to conflict more than once. And one a world of sea faring races, aquatic elves have always been more common than their land-born brethren.

Half-orcs and ogre are another matter all together. The vicious orc hordes and their ogre leaders are a thing of the past, as the unclean orcs were nearly decimated by the Dirge into extinction. And in fact, only their decedents, half-orcs can still be found among human societies, for orcs themselves seem to have been driven into the void.

Name Source Level Adjustment Racial HD ECL
Halfling Races
Halfling, Lightfoot PHB p19 0 0 0
Halfling, Jungle(Num-num) UA p15 0 0 0

If you ask a halfling how many of their kind remain, they will tell you only one variation of halfling remains, the Lightfoot. Ask anyone who lives near the swamps of landing, or other secluded isles, and you’ll hear about the Sok-suk, or simply the Num-nums. Halflings never had a kingdom to themselves, and lived among the big folk simply enough, and over generations they become a single race. But in the most secluded islands and in dark jungles a breed of dark skinned halfling appeared. Not evil, their wild and savage halflings became known for their practice of eating anything they could catch, even other sentient life.

The Touched
Aasimar RoD p92 +1 0 +1
Changling RoE p41 0 0 0
Gensai RoF p114 +1 0 +1
Shifter RoE p26 0 0 0
Tiefling RoD p107 +1 0 +1
Death-touched Drg313 +1 0 +1

The Touched as they are called are a small minority, and in fact while they are grouped together even by themselves their origins are very different. For the aasimar, tieflings, and gensai the are the decedents of those who bred with denizens of the Outer Planes. Aasimar are the grandchildren of the Celestial Realms, tieflings from the Infernal, while gensai are of the elemental planes. Changlings and Shifters are the great offspring of more mundane sources. They count among their ancestors shapeshifting doppelgangers for changlings, and lycanthropes for the shifters. The Death-touched are humans who have some taint of undeath in their heritage.

Goblin, Mad WoW pg41 0 0 0
Kobold RotD p39 0 0 0
Lizardfolk MM p169 +1 2HD +3
Warforged RoE p7 0 0 0
Goliath RoS p56 +1 0 +1
Tauren WoW p46 0 3HD +3
(Note: Tauren lack the natural attack listed, but instead gain the Powerful Build feature)

Then there are the other races. Those rare members of often wild cultures which occasionally intermingle with the great races of man, dwarf, and elf. Goblins are still a hassle and a bane on society, but their kin the so called “Mad” goblins have reached out to the world. Smarter and less vicious their their cousins, mad goblins have brought insight and an innate understanding of technology to society.

Kobolds and lizardfolk are common reptilian races which clash with one another, with as many lizardfolk and kobolds killing one another as they might each other. Some of their members grow tired of the killing, or chose to leave their tribes behind to explore the world.

Some races seem more powerful than others, warriors by breeding and nature. Warforged are living constructs, sentient warriors of stone, wood, or various metals. Hailing from a time of great war, they were the creation of wizards to fight so living people might live. But their times as slaves is long gone and now these warriors think and live as they please.

From the mountain tops and the great planes come the goliaths and the tauren. Both of these race have incredibly powerful physical builds and great strength and a oneness with nature and the earth that has caused their two cultures to form a single great correlation and friendship.

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Natives of Landing

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