Matters of Faith

The gods of Tyreadosa are an interesting lot. With the death of millions with the Dirge, many gods lost much of their power, and are not quite what they once were. While some of the gods have allowed this to effect them, making them bitter towards their worshipers, others have taken it in stride. Most of the gods are kind, and relatively benevolent towards the world, and a few are more neutral, representing a more neutral and balanced look. Yet among the gods, the most powerful among them is also openly evil.

H’yjion, the Master of Chaos, was responsible for the Dirge and the deaths of over half of the known populace of the world. While open worship of him is illegal in nearly all corners of the world, nearly everyone eventually whispers his name. Ask him for forgiveness or relief from some suffering. And these whispers carry the power that makes the Hated One also the most powerful one. Fortunate for the world, he seems content at the moment to revel in the chaos he has wrung.

Riona Tuwa

Titles: Mother of the Dwarfs; The Earth Eternal
Alignment: Lawful Good
Description: Riona Tuwa is the iconic female dwarf, only made grand. Standing nearly 12 feet in height, she still appears short and solidly built as if made of the very stone of the earth. Her flesh seems made of rock, and her eyes appear like gem stones, changing with her mood, Emerald when she is pleased, sapphire when she is relaxed, and ruby when she is angry are the most well known.
Dogma: Be as the earth, ever ready and patient. Change with the seasons as weal and woe demand, but at your core remain constant and true. Delve into the core of things, seeking the diamond in the rough. Hold tight to your family, and the dwarfish way.
Symbol: A diamond within the earth. (Black silhouette with a four point diamond in the center)
Domains: Cavern, Earth, Metal, Dwarf, Rune, Community


Titles:The Gray Mistress, Lady of Mystics
Alignment: True Neutral
Description: Representing the duality of magic, Silence is the sister of the goddess of healing. She appears as a tall female figure dressed in gray shrouds, surrounded by a constantly flowing mist. Her face is forever hidden behind a dark shadow so that only her glowing, violet eyes can be seen while her hands are tucked into her sleeves in front of her, and even when she gestures they’re covered by matching gloves. She never speaks, but her will is known by those she wishes to know.
Dogma: Magic is a force, an energy that cannot be stopped, it is as old as the world, and cares not for terms such as good or evil. It is power like any other, and its purpose is determined by the will of its masters. Seek always to master arcane forces, to bring your will about to change the world. For good, or for ill.
Symbol: A deep gray hood with a dark face.
Domains: Magic, Force, Mind, Spell, Knowledge


Titles: Sun Serpent, Sky Father (Gruel-no-ska)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: Grulnoska, the Dragon God. A creature of passion and fire. Seen as a massive dragon whose body is long and lean, with six legs and scales that radiate light of every color and hue ever associated with lesser creatures of his kind. His body is long, lean, with a whip like tail, and a mane of white hair just behind his fox or cat like head. He has been known to appear as small as a foot in length, or simply so massive the sky alone has room to hold him.
Dogma: The sky is eternal, beyond the blue lies night, and the stars beyond even that. Seek forever to see the rising of the sun, and a new day and what possibilities it brings. Dragons are his holy creatures, but like the weather they can be fickle, and all such beasts must be approached with caution and respect.
Symbol: Serpent wrapped around a sun.
Domains: Fire, Sun, Dragons, Sky, Weather, Air


Titles: Master of Chaos, Bringer of the Dirge, The Hated One (He-ge-on)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Description: H’yjion appears before his followers dressed in the finest of clothes, a noble or lord in appearance, tall and broad shouldered. But his skin is pale, with a sickly yellowish tone and his features are sunken like a man who has taken deathly ill. When he speaks his voice is deep, and never seems to sound louder then a whisper, and in the distance an echo of some low rhythmic tune can be heard.
Dogma: Chaos is every where, it is in the disruption of patterns, it is in the wind and the animals. Disease is the ultimate form of chaos. For it can strike the rich, and the poor, the strong and the weak. Be like a disease. Move about unseen, bring chaos to all, and disrupt patterns where you can.
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Domination, Pestilence, Undeath,

The Unknown God

History: The truth of the God of Order is unknown to even his, or her, high priests. In the time before histories were kept, somehow the truth about the God of Order was stricken from the world. Since then five cults have arisen around artifacts and partial texts, each cult proclaiming they have discovered the truth of the Lord of Order. Oddly enough each order finds their spells, often from very separate schools, being granted by the being they call the Lord of Order.

The Order of Blood
Titles: Lord Sanguine, The Noble Blood
Alignment: Lawful Good
Description: Seen as a man of strength, Lord Sanguine is described as a tall, broad man with noble features and noble eyes. His gaze makes lesser men tremble with respect. Always dressed in the current fashion, he is a man above all.
Dogma: It is the will of the Lord of Order that family is the source from which order derives. It is from the image of a parent and his children who that forms the foundation of the world. You should protect your family, and honor those who came before you. But also that there is order in the hierarchy of a system of nobility. As a father may rule over his children, so a king shall rule over his people.
Symbol: A Crimson blood drop on a circular, black, background.
Domains: Good, Family, Nobility, Protection, Wealth, Charm

The Order of the Coin
Titles: Sithius The Coin-counter
Alignment: Lawful Good
Description: A short fellow, Sithius is a gnome who is master of merchant trade. Dressed well, but always ready to travel to better markets, he sports a wild crop of reddish hair and sharp bright blue eyes that seem to miss no detail of a contract, no matter how fine the print.
Dogma: Commerce is the secret to proper order. All life is a series of events to reach further in life, to find a place in the world. Security is gained through wealth and power. So it is that the rich are the most secure, and from them security trickles down to those who are poor. It is the duty of all people to seem a manner of self enrichment.
Symbol: A golden coin with the order “In Order We Trust” written on it.
Domain: Commerce, Pact, Trade, Wealth, Herald, Gnome

The Order of the Shield
Titles: Warchief Hathion, The Great Defender
Alignment: Lawful Good
Description: Radiating strength, Hathion the Warchief radiates the greater qualities of war and conflict. To look on him with his golden hair and bright sapphire eyes is to be filled with courage and a desire to defend the weak. He wears armor made of the scales of a slain evil dragon, and bares a scare on the right side of his face. He is the twin in almost all ways to Sathion.
Dogma: Life is conflict, it is war. It is the natural order of sentient beings to be at odds with each other, to seek some manner of security y conquest. The Lord of Order demands we seek liberty, that we seek to strengthen ourselves so that a union of mind and body can be reached.
Symbol: A large white shield with three points at the top, and a red cross in the middle.
Domains: War, Courage, Glory, Liberation, Strength

The Order of the Sword
Titles: Warlord Sathion, The Bane
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Description: Where there is fear, blood, and tears during war, you will find Sathion. The iconic warrior, clad in golden armor crafted from the scales of a good dragon, he is the personification of all the evils of war. Radiating terror and pain like his brother Hathion radiates courage. His hair is black as night, and his eyes pools of obsidian; his features are mared only by a scar along the right side of his face.
Dogma: Life is conflict, it is war. Those who can bring suffering down on their enemies, who can destroy those obstacles before them shall find strength and security. Do not stand by while others strike you, or take from you. Bring ruin onto them before they can destroy you, or in vengeance of harms done to you.
Symbol: A downward pointed long sword, with a black blade.
Domains: Destruction, War, Retribution, Suffering, Strength

The Order of the Crone
Titles: The Crone
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: An old, almost deceptively so woman, with silver hair and dark, wicked eyes. She is clad is floor length black robes that are tattered and torn. Around her can be seen spiders crawling in and out of her robes, and spinning webs which determine the fates of all who stand with, or against her.
Dogma: Life is chaos. There is no order to it, there is no order for humans, elves, dwarfs or more. No, the reality is that “True Order” is in fact an event that has yet to transpire. That when everything is set in order, the Crone shall rise and reveal the truth to her people. Her priestesses strive under a banner of neutrality to bring about a world where the Crone shall finally feel welcome.
Symbols: An vertically standing hour glass, with equal amounts of sand in each end.
Domains: Knowledge, Truth, Mentalism, Oracle, Fate, Mind, Spider

Taliea Long-stride

Titles: The Dawn Treader, Voice of the Divine
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: Taliea Long Stride appears like an elf standing just over seven feet in height, with the iconic features of her mortal cousins. With tight angular features and sharply pointed ears that give her an almost fox like appearance. She is always clad in in the furs of animals who died natural after long years of loyal service to travelers.
Dogma: Seek the rising of the sun, and acknowledge the passage of time for it is constant in the world. It is the ordain purpose of all travelers to bare with them the news of events that have passed behind them, so that those ahead will know what has transpired.
Symbol: Crossed trumpets on a piece of parchment and an hourglass in the center.
Domains: Herald, Celerity, Travel, Elf, Time, Animal


Titles: Father of Animals, Voice of the Earth
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: Spirit of the Fields doesn’t appear like any humanoid, plant,or animal, but a constantly changing amalgamation of all three. Appearing as either a humanoid figure or a four legged animal constructed of plants, mostly various crops, flesh and the visages of animals moving among the shadows of the vines. When it speaks the sounds of animals such as cows and pig can be heard echoing.
Dogma: The things of the earth shall feed and nurture you, they shall provide for those who tend them. But only so long as they are being tended. Treat the animals well, rotate the crops, and tend to the earth that feeds you and cares for you. Abuse the earth, and it shall rise up and bring you low. Tend to your family as you would your fields, seek to plant seeds of love among your family and community as you would your crops.
Symbol: A plant seed with a sapling coming from the tip.
Domains: Animal, Community, Feast, Plant, Life


Titles: Mistresses of the Cycle, The Giver and The Taker.
Alignment: Neutral
Description: Three images make up Kitanua, for she is three people who are one. Holding three aspects, Kitanua appears as either a young girl in her early teenage years, a middle aged woman who hold the obvious physical signs of having had children, or an older woman near the end of her life who has eyes filled with knowledge. The child has bright blonde hair with blue eyes, the mother has bright red hair and green eyes, and the old woman is darker in coloration.
Dogma: We are born, and in life we suffer. We are healed from these sufferings, growing stronger. Yet despite this strength, in the end, we die. This is the natural cycle of life. Always support the cycle. Bring life into the world, heal it and give it succor. But do not fear to bring life low when it has grown uncontrolled, and its suffering is to much.
Symbol: A red circle
Domains: Healing, Life, Renewal, Decay, Suffering


Titles: The Dream Walker, Nightmare, The Gatekeeper
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Description: The face of the Dream Walker has never been seen, but while the goddess Silence hides her, Rubin has none. For he a thing of smoke and light. Within the swirling mists that is its body visitors can see in it’s shadows what has been described simply as “Potential”. Every dream and nightmare ever had or to be is held within his body.
Dogma: Seek visions and dreams. What exists, what is seen, is but a fraction of what can be or has been before. Through illusion, dreams, and visions inspired by Sacred Herb to see that which is hidden from man. And should you find it worthy, bring it forward by portals and magic.
Symbol: A simple arch, one half black and the other half white.
Domains: Dream, Illusion, Mysticism, Portal, Celerity

Lady Icespire

Titles: Queen of Cold, The Hungering Frost
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Description: A chilling wind heralds and follows the Lady Icespire where ever she treads. An elven appearing woman, with long legs and clad only in a scandalously thin gossamer gown over her deep blue skin with its dark blue veins. Her silver hair is never still, constantly moving as if being shifted by the breeze that follows her everywhere.
Dogma: The cold hungers. The cold winds of the north purify and test the mettle of any who would stand before it. Strength in the face of the harshest storms. Devour all who would fall before you, consume and cleanse the world. As her husband, Grulnoska, would scorch the world, so she would freeze it. And in their love, balance.
Symbol: Four slightly curled lines representing the wind.
Domains: Air, Cold, Hunger, Windstorm, Storm


Titles: Forge-Master, The Crafter, The Creator
Alignment: Neutral Good
Description: Crafted of metal plates of iron and steel, with gears and pistons of copper and gold, gears and pistons, and with massive gemstones, Trull the Forge-Master is a massive construct. Built with two legs, and four arms, Trull stands eight feet in height and is never seen without the tools of his trade, those of a blacksmith.
Dogma: Create, design, innovate. Never rest on the laurels of the past, for there is always a way to improve the world around you. Experiment and explore knowing that there is no such thing as failure if a lesson is learned as the results of creativity. Fear nothing but stagnation.
Symbol: A small gear connected to a medium gear, connected to a large gear in a sideways pointing triangle.
Domains: Artifice, Craft, Creation, Planning


Titles: The Living Shadow, Secret Trader
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: With cat-like grace, emerald eyes, and fire-red hair Bettalysa is the patron of halflings. Standing only two feet in height herself, her skin is pale and seems to give off a pale silver glow like the moon in the night. A glow which fades as she desires or needs. She dresses in a revealing outfit of black leather with silver studs; but the leather seems alive as it expands and shifts as the Shadow so wishes. Yet this is only her most common form, for Bettalysa is also patron of lycanthropes and can assume the forms of any were-creature who worships her.
Dogma: Slip into the night and be as the shadow. Unseen, unnoticed, silent and ever present. There are secrets to be learn, and deals to be made. For every secret has a price, a value. Learn all you can, horde these secrets. But use them. Sell them when the price is right, or when the revealing of a secret shall cause but more secrets to come to life.
Symbol: A flicker of flame which casts no light, with emerald eyes. (A kiss of flame on a black background)
Domains: Transformation, Shadow, Darkness, Halfling, Moon


Titles: Wave Master, Lord of the Depths
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Description: With the color of the deep oceans for his flesh, and hair like flowing strands of seaweed, Grulmorg is lord of the oceans. An orc who, as a mortal, took to the seas to see the waves mastered by him, broken by his skills. He was never seen again, until he returned a god of the waves. His body converted to the very substances of the sea.
Dogma: The oceans have accepted the orcs as her own. The land denies those barbarian hordes that once roamed her surface, but the seas shall provide. Take by strength that which cannot be bartered or bought. Face the coming storms, and be one of your own. And pray your luck holds out that you shall outlast the storms and in the end join Grulmorg in the depths of paradise.
Symbol: A ship’s wheel on a background of blue.
Domains: Water, Ocean, Storm, Orc, Luck, Chaos

The Devourer

Titles: The Subject, That-Which-Consumes, Troll Lord
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Description: Once a normal troll, known in mortal life simply as “The Subject”. It had been the tool of a dark cult who experimented on the beast with blood from something from the Far Realms. The result was a massive troll of grey skin, a stench of death about it, and two wicked tentacles extending from it’s shoulders. An unknown event in the depths of an abandoned dwarf mine rose the beast to even greater power, and its power grew to rival the gods themselves.
Dogma: Devour.
Symbol: A troll skull with two curled tentacles crossed behind it.
Domains: Destruction, Strength, Transformation, War


Titles: Cold Desire, Warrior Seductress, Queen of Flesh
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Description: In life the woman known as Krystalis was a beautiful elven woman who became known for her powers of manipulation and deceit. But in the end she was revealed to be a succubus, the embodiment of sensuality and sin. Hunted down for having manipulated the destruction of a noble house in the former capital of Helios Prime. In death she was raised by H’yjion to be his consort and general of his armies. In her returned life she proved as adept in combat as in manipulation. She is as beautiful in undeath as she was in life, if warped by the transformation.
Dogma: Victory comes to those who deserve it. Be it by strength of arm, or by silver tongue. Seduce, kill, or do what ever you need or desire to bring about the ends to which you seek.
Symbol: A black rose wrapped around the blade of a long sword.
Domains: Charm, Hatred, Inquisition, Summoner, Undead

Matters of Faith

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