Noble houses, guilds, religious orders, certain individuals, and all manner of merchants make up the most powerful people and groups in the city of Ilyssa’s Landing. And as time and energy is spent gaining the favor of these groups, it is called gaining Influence.

Influence is the system used to measure how a character can call on an entity to provide services, goods, or simply look the other way. Whenever a roll is made that calls on a group or person a character has Influence with, they made add their bonus to the roll.

Doyle, wanting to discover which member of the City Watch was on duty the night his friend was murdered makes a Gather Information roll, DC 20. While Doyle only has 2 ranks in Gather Information, and a Charisma modifier of +0, he’s spent a great deal of time with members of the Watch and has an Influence of +6, and gets to add this 6 to his roll.

As well as affecting your ability to work with a group, Influence also acts as a bonus to that group’s rolls to resist another character’s attempts to turn that group against you.

Lady Sarah Taskerhill has taken a dislike to the adventurer Doyle courting her daughter and decides to remove him. She normally works with the mage guild, but fearing anything from them could be to easily traced back to her, she attempts to use the city watch, unaware of how Doyle has worked with them. After the roll is made for her, a roll is made for the Watch to see if they are successfully bribed. The roll at first seems to fail, but when Doyle’s Influence is added, the Watch instead takes the Lady’s gold, and warns Doyle of her plot.

Influence points are gained from Social Status, class levels, and certain feats. Points gained from Social Status must be spent on the source of that status, such as on a royal house or guild. But points gained from class levels can be spent on anything or anyone.

The maximum number of Influence points that can be spent on any given person or organization is equal to Social Status x 10, or 5 points at Social Status 0.

Class Influence gains per level
Noble, Bard 8 + Cha. Modifier
Cleric, Paladin, Wizard 6 + Cha. Modifier
Rogue, Psion, Fighter 4 + Cha. Modifier
Monk, Sorcerer, Duskblade 2 + Cha. Modifier
Barbarian, Ranger, Druid 0 + Cha. Modifier
Secret Influence

Sometimes people take an interest in the activities of others without making their interest openly known. Perhaps news of an adventurer’s encounters reaches the ears of an former explorer turned noble. Or perhaps the good business deals of a merchant have caught the eye of a potential investor. To represent this, players can invest in “Secret Influence”. By spending 1 point of Influence a player receives 2 points of influence which are applied by the DM, and the player is left unaware of where the points are.

Influence Fields

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