Ilyssa's Landing

On the Isle of Tyreadosa, nestled in among miles of rain forest, and swamps at the base of a bizarre and possibly unnatural mountain formation lies a city. Blanketed by oppressive heat, besieged by the invasive nature of the jungle that surrounds it, it is a city that thrives. A city as wild as it is civilized, consisting of extremes and contrasts it is the final port for one of the last inhabited island continents in the world.

It is the city of Ilyssa’s Landing, founded over twelve hundred years ago as the Port of Straszanul, known simply as Landing to those who call her home, is a prosperous city where gold is king, and trade is in the blood of the youngest citizens. It is where traders and merchants from around the world go to barter and trade. Where the only law is “Don’t be Bad for Business”. A simple credo interpreted by the Traditions; an unspoken and unwritten understanding of just what is bad for business.

The city itself is ruled by a single person, an emperor who is declared the heir of the previous emperor. And though the law of the emperor is absolute, and his or her word is final, they are not alone in their leadership over the city as two governing bodies advise the emperor. The members of the Grand Parliament, a vicious backstabbing collection of noble families who rule over the individual districts of the city. The Guild Consortium, representing the working class of the city, the major and minor guilds practice a system of patronage as dangerous as any battle in the arena.

History – How the city was founded, and how it survived the plague.
Geography and Climate – The weather, its influence, and local flora and fauna.
People and Culture – From the quick moving teens, to the sedate businessmen and the foods they all eat. Also the religious orders of The Forgotten God which influence the city’s daily life.
Government – The Czar, the Parliament, and the guards; and the Guilds.
The Districts – The individual sections of the city, the people who are known, and key locations.

Ilyssa's Landing

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