Getting Started

Here are the things you need prior to your game session.

  1. Install the newest version of Maptools v.b89
  2. Download the image pack the DM uses to create maps for Maptools
    • This is a free torrent from the creators of Maptools, it is not illegal to download
  3. Once the file is downloaded and extracted, open Maptools →File → Add Resource to Library and select the mapping objects folder.
    • It will take the program several minutes to upload or install the images
  4. Install Vent
    • Vent info can be found in Richard’s D&D Players Facebook group. I will not post it here since this is a public page.
  5. Create a Character
  6. Create and/or Update your character sheet on the Wiki


Old Maptools Info:
(Just in case we have issues with b.89 and need to revert)

  1. Install MapTools v.b87
  2. Follow the instructions on this forum post so your MapTools will run.
    • MapTool 1.3 build 87 lacks support for JAVA 7 at this point.

Getting Started

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