Geography and Climate

One of the few great island nations, Tyreadosa is also one of the most powerful. A thousand miles at its widest, and eight hundred miles north to south it is home to wide planes, thick forests, and plenty of natural farmlands. It is along the south-east corner of the island that the Dragon’s Maw bay can be found. Flowing two hundred miles inland, and 75 miles high the Bay is home to Ilyssa’s Landing, the largest port of the nation, and its last before heading east to the other nations.

Separating the bay from the rest of the island is a massive mountain range named simply The Wall. The tallest mountains in the world reside in this chain of unforgiving peaks, and create a natural barrier preventing most of the powerful tropical storms and hurricanes of the Sea of Tears from reaching the interior of the island. This has created a very temperate climate for most the island, where the warm temperatures of the island’s nearness to the equator are mitigated by the cool, moist winds that come down off the The Wall. But the land around the Dragon’s Maw suffer from the presence of these mountains.

With the fierce storms forced to crash into the mountains, the land before them have become flooded, saturated with water and high temperatures. The southern peninsula that makes up the lower jaw of the Maw is nothing but vast swamp lands, with thick harsh and tall resilient grasses making up the foliage. And the land right at the base of the mountains has become a thick jungle.

It is on the sea-ward tip of the bay where a small group of mountains known as The Fang can be found, and it is here where Ilyssa’s Landing can be found. Protected from the storms by the Fang, and a natural harbor, the city finds itself surrounded to the north and west by dense rain forest, the bay to the south, and the mountain range to the east.

During the year Landing see’s a very moderate winter and fall, and see’s its busiest times of the year during the reasonably calm sea and favorable winds. Its temperatures rarely reaching higher then mid 80’s, but the spring and summer months are marked by torrential rains and hundred plus degree temperatures.

Ilyssa’s Landing

Geography and Climate

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