The title of Czar has been passed down from generation to generation from the times of Ilyssa herself, to the current ruler of Landing. It is a title with a history written in commerce and blood. The holder has at times been equally feared as loved, always respected, and sometimes hated. Some of the Czars have done great things for Landing. Building trade and commerce, holding the peace while others have nearly ruined the city.

Currently the Czar is Andrian Darkfire. Czar Darkfire is a powerful man, broad shouldered and skilled with many different weapons; he reminds many of Josef Skullbreaker, but unlike his ancient ancestor remains firm in his grip on the city. Darkfire has strengthened the City Watch and pushed the Magistrates to ever greater levels of power making them fear among the city. Many of those who study history now begin to remember the days when the Czar’s rule was absolute. And it is this memory Andrian Darkfire wants the people to recall, he wants the people to remember that the role of Czar.

The Darkfire family now openly walks the streets of the city commanding a respect that many Czar in the past could never dream of. They know that under their father’s rule the city is prospering, and have reacted accordingly.



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