Cudgel District

Cudgel District is primarily a residential district. Due to the vigilance of the local watch and the Goro-Khan monks, it’s also the safest district in Ilyssa’s Landing. The citizens of Cudgel District know this, yet they are not a soft people; they remain ever vigilant to the threat of attack from without in the form of bullywugs or pirates, or from within in the form of thieves and traitors.

Cudgel District’s representative nobles are the Taskerhills. Although they’re hardly the oldest noble family in Ilyssa’s Landing, the Taskerhills are easily the richest. Their ownership of Thunder River Lumber has ensured a constant in flow of profit for hundreds of years. The current patriarch of this noble family is a man named Kalmadar Taskerhill. A recent scandal involving his older brother, a noble of the nearby island community of Farshore, has done some unfortunate damage to the family name, and Kalmadar’s primary concern today is to repair this damage in any way he can. As a result, he’s been spending a lot of time away from home visiting his brother’s family.

Although Roric’s the official religion of Cudgel District, a smaller shrine has been attracting a fair amount of attention lately. This is the mysterious Church of the Whirling Fury, located in northern Cudgel District on the aptly named Fury Street. The front doors of this church bear a set of chains fixed with a padlock, and there are no windows in the church’s stone walls. Locals say they’ve seen people entering and exiting the church using silver keys to unlock the chains, but no one’s been brave enough to investigate further. Rumors of demon worship, live sacrifices, and worse circulate about the church, yet the priests of Roric, and the city guard remain curiously close-lipped about the matter. Father Ruphus Laro of Roric says only that he’s keeping his eye on the Church of Whirling Fury, but that it does not pose a threat to the city.

The people of Cudgel District are a watchful, laconic lot. They have little patience or tolerance for the rough and coarse lifestyle led by most adventurers. Merchants, innkeepers, and bartenders in Cudgel District often charge up to 200% over normal prices for customers dressed like adventurers (typified by openly wearing weapons or armor).

City Watch

In some ways, the Cudgel Watch are similar to the Champion’s Watch. Both are closely tied to their district’s official faith (in this case, Roric), both present regular patrols in uniform, and both are fiercely loyal. Yet the Cudgel Watch is more concerned with preventing criminal activity than any other watch in Ilyssa’s Landing, to the extent that they sometimes overstep their bounds. Tales of wrongful imprisonment abound here, although the Cudgel Watch maintains that such cases are rare as a result.

The citizens of Cudgel District are the least flamboyant and outgoing of the people of Ilyssa’s Landing, making the district a draw for those not as interested in the bustle of city life. Criminal activity in Cudgel District is more prevalent along the borders between Cudgel and Shadowshore and Merchant District. Of the watches, the Cudgel Watch is the most likely to pursue criminals into other districts or meddle with another district’s watch affairs, making them the least liked district watches.


If you’re from Cudgel District, it’s possible you’ve never left Ilyssa’s Landing. Indeed, it’s possible you’ve never even left Cudgel District. The outer world is a place of mystery and perhaps fear for you, yet you may be equally intrigued by its lures. You likely worship Roric, or perhaps Chloe. Another church exists in your district, the Church of the Whirling Fury, but chances are that even if you’re curious about what they have to offer, you haven’t figured them out… yet. If you’re a ranger, your favored enemy is probably humanoid (humans), as you’ve learned that humanity has the greatest capacity for evil and treachery. Of the seven districts, the citizens of Cudgel are the least likely to seek an adventurous lifestyle. Those who do become adventurers are viewed by family and neighbors as black sheep.

Notable NPCs

Gerialar Divalean (human male)
Abbot of the peaceful House of Violets, Gerialar admits few visitors to his monastery. Those few who have visited tell tales of a place of serenity, shielded from the bustle of the surrounding city by magical curtains that block sound.

Kalmadar Taskerhill (human male)
Lord of Taskerhill Manor and representative of Cudgel District on the Dawn Council. Kalmadar is possibly the richest man in Ilyssa’s Landing.

Ruphus Laro (human male)
Father Ruphus Laro took up the mantle of the high priest of the church of Roric after the recent death of Father Ilthan Forn. Ruphus is kind, young, and energetic. Ruphus promotion to the position of high priest has caused some stir in the city, as he is also the youngest son of House Lightbringer; one of the smallest noble houses in the city.

Tenkar Gritbeard (dwarf male)
A gregarious and barrel chested dwarf, Tenkar is the leader of the Stonemason’s Guild. He and his fellow stonemasons are tasked with the upkeep of Landing’s city wall, and as such are one of the more powerful guilds in town.

Phnos and Fleck (Gnome males)
Two of the most curious men in the city, Phnos and Fleck are the two brothers who Master the Tinker’s guild. They are never seen outside their workroom unless they are gathering parts for what ever their newest experiment is, and often are seen in the company of their pet platypus.

Cudgel District Locations
  1. Cudgel Lighthouse
  2. Streetsweeper’s Guildhall
  3. Carpenter’s Guildhall
  4. Tentooth’s Taphouse (tavern)
  5. Enad’s Trickery (curio shop)
  6. The Barrelhouse (tavern)
  7. Low Market (general goods)
  8. Fast Vera’s (tavern)
  9. Welcome Home (home sales)
  10. Bent Bertha’s (tavern)
  11. Little Sunrises (magical light sources)
  12. Cudgel Garrison Adjunct
  13. The Thrice-Born Phoenix (Inn)
  14. Church of the Whirling Fury
  15. The Silverlode (tavern)
  16. Building by Design (construction)
  17. Eva’s Boat Rentals
  18. Tharvel’s Hides (fine hides and leather goods)
  19. The Legless Stork (tavern)
  20. Marshwarden’s Hall (guides for local marshes)
  21. Three Thin Cats (general goods)
  22. Black Crab (brewery)
  23. The Painted Hare (tavern)
  24. The Sacred Hound (dog trainers)
  25. Maiden’s Rest Temple of Chloe (Goddess of Healing)
  26. Shrine of Garl Glittergold (God of Gnomes)
  27. Lightbringer Hall (Minor Noble)
  28. Cudgel Garrison Adjunct
  29. Stonemason’s Guildhall
  30. The Whispering Anvil (tavern/inn)
  31. Mountain’s Depths (Gods of the Dwarves)
  32. Hall of Life Temple of Roric (district church)
  33. Tinker’s Guildhall
  34. Fishfood (tavern)
  35. Delthar’s Protections (fine armor)
  36. Selder’s Tales (cheap novels)
  37. Chimneysweep’s Guildhall
  38. The Seeking Sage (Knowledge: Local Sage Master)
  39. The Rasp (tavern)
  40. The Unexpected Monkey (Tavern)
  41. West Market (general goods, lumber, livestock)
  42. Sesker’s Whiskers (brewery)
  43. Cudgel Garrison Adjunct
  44. Stirge in the Stew (tavern)
  45. The Burning Dragon (inn)
  46. Niska’s fine Curios
  47. Cudgel District Hall of Records
  48. Taskerhill Manor (district representative)
  49. Cudgel Garrison
  50. Laughing Shark (brewery)
  51. Crab Pond Ale (brewery)
  52. Hathgak’s (general goods)
  53. Goro-Khan Monastery
  54. House of Violets (monastery)
  55. Gilvery’s Goods (general goods)
  56. Lumberjacker Ale (brewery)
  57. Emerald Journeys (guides for the Amedio Jungle)

The Districts

Cudgel District

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