Crystal Dragon

Crystal dragon

Breath weapon: Line of blinding light Terrain: Inner Planes, temperate and cold mountains Alignment: Always chaotic neutral Notes: The friendly crystal dragons of Io’s Blood’s northern isles spend much time trying to learn about world around them. While solitary by nature, they welcome visitors who come to them with good intentions.

Hatchlings have glossy white scales that become more and more translucent with age. By the time they reach adulthood, these scales become luminescent in moonlight. In the full light of the day they glow with a dazzling, almost unbearable brilliance. Fun-loving and mischievous, crystal dragons tend to be irresponsible rulers. For the daily running of their domains, these dragons rely on their vassals to keep things going. They establish domains in the cold, open northern reaches, building castles out of snow and ice. They leave these castles open to the sky, for they love to watch the stars on clear, cold nights. The white dragon clans consider crystal dragons to be nothing more than prey, so the two types are almost always in conflict. The crystal dragons also have little love for the tribes of giants that live beyond the Ice Sea and often come south to enslave the small, relatively weak gem dragons. Like other benevolent dragons, the crystal dragons prefer to talk rather than fight. Even without special abilities, they can be charming and engaging to an extreme. Gems and metal ores are their foods of choice. They mate with willing partners whenever they want, as desire and need move them. It has also been known for crystal dragons to adopt white dragon hatchlings.


Female Wyrmling Crystal Dragon
Chaotic Neutral
Representing Fae

Strength 13 (1)
Dexterity 10 (
Constitution 13 (1)
Intelligence 10 (
Wisdom 11 (0)
Charisma 11 (

Size: Small
Face: 5 ft. by 5 ft.
Reach: 5 ft.

Breath: Line of concussive force, 40 feet x 5 feet x 5 feet
Damage 2d6 (Reflex save for half DC = 15)

Bite (1): 7 = 5 [base] +1 [strength] +1 [small]
Damage 1d6
1 [strength]

Claws (2): 2 = 5 [base] -5 [claw] +1 [strength] +1 [small]
Damage 1d4
1 [0.5 x strength adjustment]

Grapple check
(crush, snatch): +4 = 5 [base] +3 [strength] -4 [small]

Total Hit Points: 65

Speed: 40 feet
Fly: 100 (average)
Swim: 40
Burrow: 20

Armor Class: 15 = 10 +1 [small] +4 [natural]

Touch AC: 11 Flat-footed: 15

Initiative modifier: +0 = +0 [dexterity]
Fortitude save: +5 = 4 [base] +1 [constitution]
Reflex save: +4 = 4 [base]
Will save: +5 = 4 [base] +1 [wisdom]
Spell resistance: 0

Frightful presence: Not yet

Languages: Common Draconic

Feats: 2

30 Skill points

All dragons:

Immune to paralysis and sleep Blindsense to sixty feet Darkvision to 120 feet Vision twice human in normal light, four times in shadowy light

Crystal Dragon Abilities:

Wyrmling: Air subtype. Cold immunity, planar travel. Talent for telepathy.

Age: Wyrmling 5d12HD

Crystal Dragon

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