Churches in Ilyssa's Landing

Religion in Landing
Along with the various orders of the Forgotten God there are the other gods to have come after the Great Plague. While none of these churches wield the influence over the city that the Orders do, they each fill a notch in the city. But it is not uncommon to find someone who belongs to an Order, but also attends and worships at the churches of the various other gods.

Meanwhile, the many pantheons of the other humanoid races suffered from the Great Plague to various degress; such as nearly the whole of the gnomish pantheon was devastated, but the gods of the orcs were spared as a whole. In the city of Ilyssa’s Landing there is a church for each of the goodly races somewhere in the city, but with the low numbers of humanoids in the city there is seldom other temples.

Of The New Gods there are often several shrines, but each has a main temple located somewhere in the city.

The New Gods

Deity Temple Name Location
The All Mother Dawnhouse Sunrise District
Kimber Light in the Dark Noble District
Suncerion Strength of the Lord Champion’s District
Bryan No Temple Out Law-ed
Forgotten God Orders Various
Twixt Divine Tastes Merchant’s District
Carver Temple of Inspiration Noble District
Roric Hall of Life Cudgel District
Chloe Maiden’s Rest Cudgel District
Caliga Pleasure Home Merchant’s District
Reuben Dreamscape Sunrise District

The Old Gods are also represented in the city. With churches dedicated to the gods of gnomes and dwarves, elves and those few human gods who managed to survive The Great Plague as well.

Human Pantheon

Deity Temple Name Location
Valkur Azure Cathedral Azure District

Other Races

Pantheon Temple Name District
Dwarfs Mountain’s Depths Cudgel District

Churches in Ilyssa's Landing

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