Blade Hall

The main temple of the Order of the Sword, one of the five churches dedicated to the Forgotten God, reigns in the Champion’s District. Referred to as Blade Hall by the followers of the Order, it is not a place like many picture it. It is an almost tranquil place with much of the rooms and halls within the temple filled not with warriors training, but with scholars deep in study.

With the Order’s teachings that the mind is as important as the body in the way of the warrior, many rooms have been designed to allow contemplation and study. Its walls are decorated with elegant and simple art, which followers are encouraged to stop and contemplate. Housing one of the most expansive libraries in the city, many times mages and sages can be seen walking among the warriors who train there.

The three story building is serene in appearance, and equally soothing music often drifts from it as well as its warriors practice musical timing and even dance. An image that sometimes confuses those who do not understand the other side of the teachings of the Order.

An open center courtyard of the building, and two levels beneath the city street are dedicated to the study of combat. And as much energy is spent as study and improving the mind so to do they study the art of war. Teaching a mostly two sword style, the warriors of the Order of the Blade are often described as graceful whirlwinds of death.

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Blade Hall

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