Allowed Classes

Classes in Helosia

Among the many people living in Ilyssa’s Landing, you can find representatives of nearly every walk of life. Warriors and mages, fishermen and royal guards. Many of these groups find they are not alone in the city, and in fact have developed brotherhoods, guilds, and similar groups to build unity.

The following is a list of classes allowed in a Ilyssa’s Landing campaign, and how these classes fit into the city, and if they are associated with any specific guilds or groups. Some classes are seen in a better light than others being respected for their abilities and skills while others are nearly reviled.

The format is simple, in bold there is the name of the class followed by the book in which it is found. Beneath that is a brief summary of the class and a description of how that class is seen in the city.

Artisan Game of Thrones
Artist and thespians who have developed talents dealing with information and patronage.
Found mostly among nobles, and their associates, Artisans are their entertainers and their spies. While most Artisans are respected, those who become more well known for their information trading become infamous if not feared. The actor’s guild in the Golden Throne district is the most commonly associated group with the Artisan class.

Barbarian: Player’s Handbook
Wild and savage warriors often coming from under developed societies.
In the city proper there is no recognized barbarian tribes, but out among the swamps there are several tribes of lizardfolk, pygmys and a few other humanoid races who practice the savage ways of the barbarian.

Bard: Player’s Handbook
Jack-of-all-trades with knowledge of music, lore, and arcane magic. Seen as teachers and storytellers, the bards of Helosia are respected for their ability to entertain and spread knowledge, but their most important function is that of spreading news of important events.

Beguiler: Player’s Handbook 2
An arcane caster trained in the art of subtle casting and misinformation. While the artisans have a valid “public” face among the people of Landing, the Beguilers do not. They are among the elite spies and informants of the Artisans, the nobles, or anyone who wishes to know secrets they are not meant to know. It is only among the church of Bettalysa that Beguilers are openly found.

Cleric: Player’s Handbook
Devotes of the gods, casting divine magic in their name. Clerics are one of the most wide spread and respected groups in the city. They represent the many different faiths and religions of the city, and it is among their ranks that the conflicts between the Orders of the Unknown God finds it’s motivation, and no noble house would be found without a cleric of their Patron deity among their ranks.

Druid: Player’s Handbook
Bound to nature, and deriving their divine magic through that link, Druids are the voice of the Earth. Or so they would have the people of Landing believe. Druids seem to come two flavors within the city. Those who worship the various deities of the earth and nature who seems to be generally kind spirited to those who live in balance with the world. Then there are the Druids of the Storm. Associated with the church of Lady Icespire or Grulmorg they are cold, distant and often seen as dangerous.

Duskblade: Player’s Handbook 2
Striving for a perfect balance between arcane power and martial power, the Duskblades are seen most often seen as the elite, martial arm of the church of the The Grey Mistress, Silence. While people outside of the church might become Duskblades, they are often found to be at odds to those who are members.

Fighter: – Player’s Handbook
Warriors who have mastered the art of martial weapons. One of the most commonly found classes in the city, with members found in nearly every social circle in the city.

Knight: Player’s Handbook 2
Mounted warriors bound by honor and discipline. These warriors are found among the personal cadres of nearly every noble house in the city. But their code of honor is often found to be more flexible than most citizens would care to admit, and it is unhealthy to speak to vocally about this.

Maester: Game of Thrones
Scholars and Sages who seek adventure to answer the mysteries of the world. Respect comes easy to Maesters through the city. For they are healers when clerics are too expensive, midwives and herbalists who cure poisons and disease.

Monk: Player’s Handbook
Belonging usually to one of two monasteries in the city, monks are seen with mixed emotions. While both orders provide services to their communities, their unclear motivation frightens some.

Ninja: Complete Adventurer
In the darkest corners of the Dark City there are rumors of groups of these stealthy warriors and information gatherers. Few are known to act openly, and their tainted reputations are dark.

Noble: Games of Thrones
Those members of the royal houses who have turned those ties into real power. Some nobles (NPC class) do little to turn their political power into a real source of strength. But some seek to turn titles and houses into something to be respected or even feared.

Paladin: Player’s Handbook
Holy and heavily armored warriors in the name of the pantheon, Paladins are a group who find themselves not only respected in the city, but in reality are often called on by the guard and the people to provide service in times of need.

Psion: Expanded Psionic Handbook
The depths of the mind holds a multitude of powers arcane and divine casters can only dream. While once very rare, since the Dirge their numbers have been increase. Some people see this as a sign of ties to the Dirge, while others feel it is a response to the failure of magic to protect people.

Psychic Warrior: Expanded Psionic Handbook
Combining the mental powers of the psion with the strength of the fighter, psychic warriors are a growing minority. Wielding unusual powers, a strange rivalry between paladins and psychic warriors has begun to grow.

Ranger: Player’s Handbook
Hunters and blades-men with close ties to nature, Rangers are nearly worshiped among the commoners of Landing. The jungles outside the city are wild and dangerous and rangers patrol those lands keeping farmers and minors safe from the savage animals and lizardfolk tribes.

Rogue: Player’s Handbook
A blade in the dark, or a student of traps and lore, the rogue is both these things. Landing has developed quite the roguish community in recent years as conflicts between noble houses and even the common merchant has taken sinister and subtle themes.

Samurai: Complete Warrior
Sworn to the cause of a noble or an order, these honor bound warriors wield 2 blades. Most of these warriors are found only in the service of the noble houses, or are members of the Order of the Blade.

Scout: Complete Adventurer
Sometimes mobility, speed, and stealth can be a warrior’s best assets. Scouts are common among the citizenry of Ilyssa’s Landing, for the wild jungles beyond the walls are filled with dangerous creatures. Rangers might be a part of that world, Scouts are just visiting.

Spirit Shaman Complete Divine
Drawing on ties with the spirit world, these members of uncivilized tribes are powerful divine magic users. Only they draw their powers from the spirits of the world, rather than through the worship of the gods.

Sorcerer: Player’s Handbook
Innate magical powers derived from a blood heritage to the great dragons or outsiders. Sorcerers leave the people of Landing in a quandary. The innate capacity to control magic is a relatively recent advancement on Helios, and like psionics is sometimes feared, sometimes respected.

Soul Knife: Expanded Psionic Handbook
Weapons created by mental energies are the signature of the Soul Knife. Fear groups are as feared as the soul knives. In landing the abilities of the soul knife are believed to derive from the powers of the mind, but many feel there is something else to them, for they are a rare breed.

Swashbuckler: Complete Warrior
A combination of agile warrior with social combatant. In the politically heavy port city of Landing, the swashbuckler is almost as common as the average fighter. Agility on their gives them an advantage at sea, while agile tongues give them advantages in the merchant stall and halls of power.

Tinker: World of Warcraft 2nd.
In a world where technology exists side by side with magic, there are those who turn their minds to the study of technology. Steam power, gunpowder, these are the tools of the Tinker, the master of technology.

Warlock: Complete Arcane
Few are as feared as the Warlock. With their ability to channel energy into powerful blasts, no one is sure from where the warlock derives their power. Some claim it is from demonic ancestry, or deals with even stranger creatures. While they are not outlawed from the city, they are always watched once revealed.

Warmage: Complete Arcane
Combining arcane magic with the ability to wear heavier armor then wizards, the Warmage is the most common magic user among the city Guard, for their combination of protective armor and membership into the Magistrates make them invaluable on patrol.

Wizard: Player’s Handbook
The masters of arcane magic, calling on many schools of study to cast diverse spells. Wizards are one of the most respected groups in landing, with their membership into the Witchwardens and the Magistrates, they are often associated with the law, and the face of government.

Allowed Classes

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