Phoenix Ash Threat, Least

Alternating fire opals and jacinths comprise this glittering chain of gemstones.


Body Slot: — (weapon crystal)

The augment crystal known as a phoenix ash threat leaves smoldering embers on your enemies after every strike. Each round, at the start of your turn, the embers deal fire damage to each target struck by the weapon in the previous round.

Least: If you hit a creature with a weapon bearing this crystal, that target takes 1 point of fire damage on the following round. Multiple hits by the weapon against the same target aren’t cumulative.

Lesser: As the least crystal, but the target takes 3 points of fire damage.

Greater: As the least crystal, but the target takes 5 points of fire damage.

Lore: This crystal was first employed by mystic swordsmen of the Golden Desert (Knowledge [arcana or history] DC 15). The first signs that it was in use in more civilized lands were the charred bodies of Graz’zt cultists left piled outside their dark abbey’s door after Sir Alax of Bergholdt cleansed the den with his fiery sword (Knowledge [arcana or history] DC 20).


Phoenix Ash Threat, Least

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