Electrum Dagger of Sacrifice

Electrum bladed dagger with a gold and platinum handle with amber and yellow topaz gems in the hilt

weapon (melee)

This +1 Dagger functions as any normal magical weapon, but when used in an act of Sacrifice it grants a +10 bonus to Knowledge (Religion) or Knowledge (Arcane) checks for 1 hour.

A Sacrifice is the act of using the dagger to destroy an item or person. Even if the dagger could not normally be used to destroy an item, simply touching it to the Sacrificed Item will destroy it, usually by causing the item to crumble to dust. The item must be of at least 100g value.

If used on a living creature which has been prepared for Sacrifice (a successful Knowledge (Religion/Arcane) check, DC 10) the bonus increased depending on the creature sacrificed. For every 5HD of the creature the bonus improves by +1.

1,100gp Value


Electrum Dagger of Sacrifice

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