Burnoose of 1,001 Thorns

Thousands of strange pores cover this robe of thick green cloth, making it look like the parched skin of some desert plant.


A burnoose of 1,001 thorns grants you a +1 enhancement bonus to your existing natural armor bonus. (A creature without natural armor has an effective natural armor bonus of +0.)

You also gain a +4 bonus on saves to resist becoming dehydrated from heat or exposure (but gain no protection from desiccation damage, such as a horrid wilting spell, or spells that cause you to become dehydrated). This is a continuous effect and requires no activation.

When activated, a burnoose sprouts hundreds of sharp thorns, which last for 5 rounds. Any creature that strikes you with a natural weapon or makes a grapple check against you (except to escape your grapple or pin) takes 1d6 points of piercing damage from the needles.

This ability functions once per day.


Burnoose of 1,001 Thorns

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